Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer for Standardized, Specialty and Custom-Printed Supplies

Business Shipping from a St. Louis-Based, Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer

In business since 1906, Shillington Box Company is a leading, national corrugated boxes manufacturer and supplier to businesses small and large. Whether your company requires standardized boxes or custom-made boxes and mailers in order to streamline business shipping, mailing, or your company’s storage box supply requirements, Shillington Box Company understands that many businesses need a variety of items for daily operations. We offer many styles of corrugated boxes and mailers in standard sizes and we have a design library of thousands of designs.

Additionally, many businesses do not have the storage space for a large supply lot or production run, such as a year’s worth of corrugated boxes, cardboard envelopes, mailers or other shipping materials. As your corrugated boxes manufacturer and supplier, Shillington Box Company can assist your company by offering distribution-warehousing services and our popular “just-in-time” inventory stocking options for standardized boxes and supplies.

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Full-Service, Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer and Supplier

As a wholesale corrugated box supplier, and your full-service design company, Shillington Box Company can offer companies an extensive design and production capacity along with providing your company with standard-sized boxes or custom-designed boxes and mailers when you need new inventory. We provide customers with same-day shipping on standardized items and next-day shipping for in-stock items boxes and mailers. We can also set your company up on other shipping schedules, such as “just-in-time-shipping” for your inventory stocking. We also provide our business clientele with services such as our Vendor Managed Inventory program. Also, we can arrange Kan Ban stocking to meet other specific business requirements.

Actually, we are more than a full-service, corrugated boxes manufacturer. We supply a wide range of standardized, customized, and custom-printed mailing and/or shipping supplies for your daily operations. Shillington Box Company is committed to sustainable manufacturing by engineering 100% recyclable products and purchasing wind energy offset credits.

Currently, we manufacture a wide range of standard-sized, corrugated cardboard boxes and other storage boxes and shipping supplies. Our standard box categories include:

  • Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC)
  • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)
  • Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC)
  • Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD)
  • Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL)

Additionally, we manufacture One Piece Folder (OPF) and Five Panel Folder (FPF) mailers in a wide range of sizes.

Shillington Box Company offers business clientele a range of box construction options and linerboards as well. Buyers can choose general kinds of cardboard box construction or opt for sturdier boxes. As a leading cardboard boxes manufacturer, we fabricated corrugated cardboard boxes, single-wall designs, double-wall or triple-wall styles, or plastic-lined cardboard boxes, boxes with various linerboard options, and cardboard mailers and envelopes.

Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer Offers Customization and Design Services

Shillington Box Co. maintains a very large design library that you may utilize, or your business can let us know the exact specification you require for corrugated storage or shipping boxes and cartons. We create custom supplies specifically for businesses nationwide. We can manufacture boxes (corrugated or otherwise) in the style(s) that you need to meet your specific business requirements.

Shillington Box has an in-house design team and the experience and machinery to custom-print logos, company branding, graphics, ads, and pertinent shipping and return address information, or other information directly onto your boxes and supplies. We maintain a design library of thousands of different measurements and styles for mailing, shipping and storage boxes, protective cardboard envelopes, and fold-over mailers.

As a leading corrugated boxes manufacturer and supplier, we maintain equipment for small and large production runs. Our current design capability, printing and manufacturing equipment include:

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