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Get all of the corrugated cardboard boxes, mailers and packaging that your company requires for shipping and operations direct from Shillington Box Company. Shillington Box supplies bulk, wholesale shipping boxes, mailers, and durable packaging products direct to business. We provide B2B sales to companies in throughout the Midwest and the United States. We offer a variety of standard sizes, single wall, double wall and triple wall corrugated cardboard boxes, mailers, tubes, insulated mailing products, and custom, bulk shipping products direct to business. We have a wide variety of standard mailing boxes and envelops, or we can custom manufacture your shipping boxes and containers.

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Committed to Sustainable, EcoFriendly Production

Shillington Box is committed to sustainable, ecofriendly production of corrugated cardboard boxes and other packaging and shipping products. With over 100 years of experience in producing quality, durable, strong packaging, and shipping products for commerce and business of all kinds, we have developed standard cartons and mailers to fit almost any need. We make every effort to use recycled materials where applicable in our manufacturing, and are conscious of the environmental impact of overall production and product use. Shillington Box provides shipping boxes, mailers, tubes and other products manufactured with a focus on eliminating unnecessary packaging or materials during production, creating reusable packaging and shipping boxes/containers, and improving the overall renewability, and recyclability, of our corrugated cardboard boxes and other shipping products. Learn about our Cycle Green® manufacturing processes.

Custom Box and Mailer Production

We sell standard, bulk supplies of corrugated cardboard boxes, mailers, tubes, envelopes, singlepiece cardboard mailers and many other business supplies. If your company requires custom boxes or mailers, Shillington Box Company should be your supplier. Design team works with companies to create shipping and packaging materials requiring exact specifications for their shipping needs.

We also produce “white box” packaging materials, corrugated boxes, and mailers with company logos or branding elements, preprinted addresses and other design elements as needed. Learn about custom packaging design capabilities from Shillington Box Company. We can also produce custom banners, canvas prints, vinyl prints, and other materials for your company use or for your customers. Review our UV Printer and design capabilities.

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