Design Help and Custom, Corrugated Cardboard Displays Fabrication for In-Store Promotions

Shillington Box Co. Can Design and Fabricated Your Corrugated Cardboard Promotional Displays

If your company requires assistance with manufacturing and designing corrugated cardboard displays, retail signage and related promotional materials for products, then be sure to review the capabilities of Shillington Box Company of St. Louis. We are a leading, U.S. OEM box supplier and wholesale packaging supplier of industry-standardized cardboard boxes, cardboard cartons, corrugated cardboard boxes, folders, fold-overs, protective envelopes, cardboard signage, corrugated cardboard displays for retail or event promotions, and a wide range of various other mailing, shipping and storage materials. In business since 1906, we know the industry inside out! We can help with professional design services, commercial-grade 3-color, 4-color and UV-printing, commercial-grade imprinting and many other services to help you promote businesses and products.

Corporations, larger businesses and shippers, chain stores, and individual small businesses may contact Shillington Box Co. for assistance with manufacturing and design of custom, promotional corrugated cardboard displays or to purchase any of our standardized inventory products. Your company may review standardized products available in the Shillington Box Co. online store at any time. Business customers may call us (636) 225-5353, or e-mail us about custom manufacturing and design services at:

In-House, Professional Design Team for Creating and Fabricating Your Custom, Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Shillington Box Co.’s expert design team can assist you at every step of the design process for corrugated cardboard displays, for promotional display boxes for retail products, for promotional retail signage, and of course shipping boxes and various other advertising materials. We offer professional quality design services and several methods of commercial-grade printing to meet the individual and specialized needs of our customers. You can of course choose standardized designs modified to meet your promotional and advertising requirements, or our in-house design team can assist you with designing attractive, noticeable and easily identifiable custom, corrugated cardboard displays and other promotional materials.

Some of our wide range of professional design services include:

  • In-house, professional design capabilities
  • Professional design services by an experienced design staff, who produce original graphic design work or can use your company’s existing imaging files
  • Commercial-grade, 3-color and 4-color graphics reproduction for advertisements, product branding elements, business logoing, and product and/or event promotional graphics
  • An extensive, standardized product design library with more than 5,000 modifiable designs for cardboard boxes, cartons, corrugated cardboard boxes, folders, fold-overs, mailers, protective envelopes, bulk packaging, retail box/case boxes and other shipping materials or display materials
  • An extensive, custom product design library with more than 18,000 archived, custom product designs that are modifiable for your specific company’s corrugated cardboard displays (e.g. in-store point-of purchases displays, retail packaging and signage), boxes, shipping or storage boxes, folders, cartons, fold-overs, protective envelopes and various other packaging materials
  • OEM packaging design service
  • OEM, corrugated packaging design service
  • Corrugated package design
  • Custom box templates design
  • Cardboard display design
  • Point-of-Purchase (P.O.P.), cardboard display design services
  • Custom cardboard displays (P.O.P.s, promotional packaging for retail sales, signage, bulk case shipping boxes with graphics, etc.)
  • Product display design services including cardboard display design services
  • Retail signage design for use with or without promotional corrugated product displays
  • Bulk shipping and mailing box design service for companies to ship products to distributors, suppliers or individual retail stores, chains or small businesses that have identifiable company and individual product-related graphics
  • Shipping box design service for direct shipment to individual customers
  • Printed shipping box design service that can including shipping addresses and graphics
  • Individual retail product box and packaging design services
  • Design services for roll-fed materials including various cardboard paper grades, adhesive vinyl, film vinyl or banner vinyl, canvas, or other similar substrates
  • Commercial-grade graphics printing service—learn more about our commercial-grade printing capabilities
  • Commercial-grade graphics imprinting service
  • Commercial-grade UV-printing service—learn more about our commercial-grade, UV-printing capability
  • Additional commercial-grade printing of all kinds of packaging and shipping materials per request(s)
  • Additional services…

Industry-Standard Shipping and Storage Product Categories and Corrugated Cardboard Construction Options

As a manufacturer, Shillington Box. Co. creates a variety of corrugated cardboard products. Always look for the Mullen Stamp for weight capacities, crush strength, burst strength and other pertinent information about corrugated boxes, packaging and similar materials.

We offer a range of industry-standard product styles and various construction methods. Our general product categories include:

  • Industry-standard boxes and cartons product categories: Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC), Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC), Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL), and Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD)
  • Industry-standard folder/fold-over product categories: Five Panel Folder (FPF) and One Piece Folder (OPF)

Additionally, we offer several manufacturing options for any products using “fluted” starched-paper for corrugation including layered construction options. We offer standardized construction options including:

  • Non-corrugated packaging construction
  • Corrugated cardboard construction
  • Single-wall corrugation construction
  • Double-wall corrugation construction
  • Triple-wall corrugation construction
  • Various linerboard/lining options including: a range of paper grades, plastic, PVC, and other lining materials

Contact Shillington Box for Inventory Stock Purchases or Custom, Corrugated Cardboard Display Design Services

Businesses may contact Shillington Box Co. for inventory stock purchases of products available in the Shillington Box Co. online store or to request custom fabrication services, professional design services, and/or commercial-grade printing services. As your cardboard product supplier of shipping and storage materials, we can offer custom design and manufacturing services for the promotional materials you need for in-store displays. Businesses may call us in St. Louis at (636) 225-5353. If you have any questions about inventory stock items, or about our customization services, call us or e-mail us at: