Corrugated Cardboard Packaging and Mailing Materials

Durable, Sturdy, Reliable Corrugated Shipping Supplies

Get all of the corrugated cardboard packaging, boxes, shipping containers, mailers, and hazardous materials shipping supplies that your company needs direct from manufacturer and B2B supplier Shillington Box Company. Shillington Box is in the business of making extremely durable mailing supplies, boxes and other materials that company’s need for their own shipping and for shipping to customers. We also offer custom design services for companies needing specialized shipping and packing materials, or for company’s wanting to created unique, identifiable shipping materials with branding or logo elements. Learn more about Shillington Box Company’s design capabilities.

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Responsible, EnvironmentallyFriendly Manufacturer Methodologies

We realize that companies want responsibly manufactured corrugated cardboard packaging and shipping materials; and many of their customers want that as well. Not only does it make environmental sense, but also using recyclable materials is also economically viable for companies of all sizes. Our CycleGreen™ production methodology uses 100% recyclable materials, using 100% sustainable fiberboard manufacturing. Additionally, we use Missouri Wind Energy Credits and grants for reforestation to offset production and electrical usage. Learn more about ecofriendly, sustainable packaging production.

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Hazardous Materials Shipping Products

Shillington Box Co. produces corrugated cardboard packaging, cardboard boxes, mailers, and other shipping and packaging products that can withstand the needs of business shipping. All of our hazardous materials shipping products conform to United Nations (UN), industrystandard Hazmat, and ITSA standards. Our hazardous materials shipping containers include corrugated plastic containers and:

  • Bulk size hazardous materials boxes, packaging and supplies
  • Foam inserts and hazardous materials shipping and handling kits
  • Plastic locking rings, plastic corrugated containers
  • Shipping boxes, jugs and cans ideal for shipping paint products
  • Edge protectors and plastic strap guards usually used with skid lots or cased shipping
  • Poly bags and plastic insert materials for corrugated shipping boxes
  • Sturdy storage containers or bin boxes

Heavy Weight, Durable Shipping Boxes and Containers

Our heavy weight boxes can withstand heavy shipping requirements ranging from shipping weights of 20 lbs. to 300 lbs., with tested burst rates ranging from 125 lbs. per sq. in. to 1300 lbs. per sq. in. depending on single, double or triplewall construction. Custom shipping boxes and products are available for B2B customers, and we maintain a constant inventory of paper product grades ranging from 23# to 69# liners covering industry standards.

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