Corrugated Package Design Services at Shillington Box Company

Leading Manufacturer Offers Corrugated Package Design Options

Leading U.S. box, packaging and mailing supplies manufacturer Shillington Box Company offers a wide range of industry-standard products and commercial-grade, custom corrugated package design services for business customers. We have been in the business in St. Louis since 1906, and Shillington Box Co. is one of the country’s leading cardboard box and packaging manufacturers and supplier for OEM, industry-standard, specialty and custom corrugated packaging and cardboard boxes for daily business operations and shipping.

We offer our business customers a wide assortment of standardized corrugate cardboard boxes, protective envelopes, one-piece fold-overs, storage boxes and general mailing supplies. We also have a professional in-house design team that uses commercial-grade printers, and they assist our clients with packaging design services and professional-quality graphics production/reproduction services.

Businesses small and large may contact Shillington Box Co. direct about our commercial-grade design services, inventory stock items, custom package design services and custom box, packaging or mailing fabrication services. Feel free to review products in the Shillington Box Co. online store.

Businesses may call us at (636)225-5353, or e-mail questions about design and manufacturing services to:

In-House, Corrugated Packaging Design Services Available

Shillington Box Co. maintains an extensive box and packaging design library. Our in-house design team can assist your company with modifying our standard designs, altering designs from our archive to meet your requirements, or we can develop completely customized products and corrugated package design(s) to meet your current requirements.

We can offer a range of services including commercial-grade printing on packages, boxes and protective envelopes. Be sure to use the assistance of our design team with any of the following:

  • In-house, professional design capabilities
  • 5,000+ archived designs for standardized boxes, packaging, envelopes, fold-overs, etc.
  • 18,000+ archived, customized designs that we can modify to meet your requirements
  • Commercial-grade printers including a Jumbo 66” x 130” Flexo Folder/Gluer (computer-controlled printer with high-speed production performance, precision graphics imprinting, and inline die-cutting); a Hycorr 3 Color Rotary Diecutter (with a 66” x 115” maximum box size production capacity with jogger-assisted stripping including a multi-out stacker; this printer offers vibrant graphics reproduction as well); and, an Isowa Falcon (state-of-the-art commercial-grade printer with 4-color high-speed performance)
  • Commercial-grade, UV-printing capability using our HP Designjet H35500 6 Color UV Printer (1800 dpi capacity and imprinting on flexible roll-fed materials, canvas, paper, vinyl, or corrugated cardboard, linerboards, plastics, PVC, and other materials)

As a note, we would like to let all of our customers know that Shillington Box Co. is committed to manufacturing recyclable boxes and packaging. We offer “green” sustainable packaging options to our customers. We would appreciate you learning more about our Cycle Green™ sustainable manufacturing and manufacturing offset programs.

Standardized and Customized Corrugated Package Design Options

Shillington Box Co. manufactures a wide assortment of industry-standard packaging, boxes and mailers, and we offer our customers a wide range of options for customizing any of our standardized products or to request completely customized packaging design services to meet specific daily operations requirements. Our in-house design professional can assist your business with designing specific packaging, creating graphics, branding elements, logos or whatever you happen to need to meet your packaging requirements. We are here to offer assistance and to deliver the products that your business needs for shipping and packaging.

Our industry-standard product categories (boxes and folders) are comprised of variations on: standard Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC), Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC), Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL), Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD), One Piece Folders (OPF), and standard Five Panel Folders (FPF).

Shillington Box Co. offers industry-standard corrugated package designs and box designs fabricated using single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall construction. The most common corrugation is fluted and/or starched interior corrugation. We also offer various linerboard options including sturdy plastic linerboards.

Learn about our industry-standard, corrugated box and package categories that are available as inventory stock items. You may request customized variations based upon any of these standardized products.

Contact Shillington Box Co. for Corrugated Package Design Services

Businesses may contact Shillington Box Co. direct about general inventory stock purchase, custom production runs, custom in-house design services, fabricating variations on any industry-standard designs, or for completely customized corrugate box, package or mailer designs along with any custom-printing that you require for logoing, branding, protection for shipping specific products or other needs. Companies may purchase standardized inventory stock direct, or let us know how we can assist you customized packaging.

You may call us at (636)225-5353, or e-mail any design and custom fabrication or printing questions to: