Corrugated Packaging Boxes, Mailers and Shipping Supplies

B2B Supplier for Your Shipping Requirements

Corrugated packaging boxes, mailers, shipping materials, accessories and other items necessary for everyday business are available direct from Shillington Box. With over a hundred years of experience in producing packaging and shipping supplies for business, Shillington Box has the “know how” to make the standardized or custom cardboard and plasticcoated packaging boxes and mailers that you need for operations.

We can provide standardized, corrugated, heavyduty linerboards or lighter shipping materials, as you need. Our innovative design team, equipped with UV printers, CAD software and other highend production and design capabilities, can customproduce shipping materials, or take your branding elements and print them on the packaging and shipping items.

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Packaging for Business Shipping

Corrugated packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, and other materials made of heavyduty linerboard are available direct from Shillington Box. We also offer wholes corrugated shipping materials for business nationwide, not just in the Saint Louis area. Shillington Box is a fabricator of industrystandard corrugated packaging materials (including foams, plastics and vinyl coatings an inserts), mailers, media mailers and even hazmat or hazardous materials shipping packing and packaging. Shipping boxes, mailers and other items are also available as B2B wholesale shipping supplies.

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Corrugated Packaging Boxes – Standardized or Custom

Shillington Box offers a variety of corrugated packaging boxes and shipping materials. Our single, double and triplewall linerboards are designed to ship light and heavy materials, but our “burst” standards are quite high, thus allowing us to produce industrystandard size boxes and mailing supplies, or provide your company with durable, sturdy corrugated shipping boxes that meet your mailing requirements. Learn about standard linerboards from Shillington Box and heavyduty shipping boxes.

Environmentally Sustainable Production

Shillington Box is committed to sustainability and our products are made of recycled materials, are recyclable, and production is offset with energy credits and grants to the Missouri Conservation Department and other organizations for reforestation projects. Learn about environmentally friendly CycleGreen™ production program at Shillington Box.

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