Corrugated Packaging Manufacturing Services for Businesses Nationwide

Standardized and Custom, Corrugated Packaging Manufacturing

If your business is need of a corrugated packaging manufacturing business partner, St. Louis-based manufacturer, Shillington Box Company, offers a wide range of standardized and custom manufacturing and printing services for standardized corrugated packaging, cardboard storage boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, envelopes, fold-over mailers and other products. We design sturdy shipping and storage packaging, with or without custom printing of company address, logos and branding.

In business since 1906, St. Louis-based Shillington Box Co. is a leading commercial corrugated packaging manufacturer of storage and shipping boxes, mailers, supplies and other corrugated materials for a wide range of business needs. We to offer custom-printing or plain packaging materials. We fabricate an extensive assortment of standardized (single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall corrugated packaging) and custom-sized and custom-printed packaging, shipping boxes, protective envelopes, mailers, fold-overs and other products even including items with plastic linerboards/lining, some of which even meet Hazmat standards.

Corrugated packaging manufacturing services for suppliers, distributors and businesses are available direct from Shillington Box Co.—contact us today about corrugated packaging manufacturing! You can call Shillington Box Co. in St. Louis, Missouri, at (636)225-5353, or email us about your company’s supply requirements or custom manufacturing needs at:

Choose Standardized or Custom Corrugated Packaging, Boxes and Shipping Supplies

As a custom box manufacturer, we offer our business customers in-house custom design services. We can use standardized or custom-sized corrugated packaging and print your business logo, branding elements, shipping and return labels, graphics or other information directly on your boxes, packaging and mailers in order to help distinguish your company through shipping packaging. We can fabricate custom packaging, boxes and mailers that meet your specific business and product shipping requirements.

Shillington Box Co. offers a wide range of corrugated packaging manufacturing services of all kinds for shipping, storage and for individual business usage or for resale for suppliers and distributors nationwide. As a leading U.S. box and packaging manufacturer, we also happen to be committed to sustainable manufacturing methods. We are involved in several programs in the St. Louis area and statewide including utilizing wind energy offset credits with our local power company, and we proudly, voluntarily participate in reforestation and tree-replanting programs with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our end-goal is manufacturing 100% recyclable products utilizing renewable materials and energy sources.

Currently, some of our standardized, corrugated packaging materials, cardboard boxes, protective envelopes, mailers, fold-overs, and other products include the following categories include:

  • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)
  • Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC)
  • Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC)
  • Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL)
  • Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD)

Standardized Corrugated Packaging Construction and Manufacturing

Shillington Box Co. offers various styles of cardboard box and corrugated packaging manufacturing services. Business customers can choose standardized corrugate storage and shipping boxes and other products with differing weight tolerances and construction. You may choose standardized packaging construction including:

  • Single-wall corrugated cardboard construction
  • Double-wall corrugated cardboard construction
  • Triple-wall corrugated cardboard construction
  • Plastic-lined corrugated cardboard construction
  • Various linerboard options, including durable options for food, automotive parts, and even for chemicals and hazardous materials (plastic linings)

Learn more about our standardized corrugated packaging and boxes—our standardized inventory-stock products ship quickly.

Packaging Customization and Design Services

Shillington Box Co. maintains an extensive design library that our customers may utilize, or we can custom-design and custom-print on your packaging and storage materials. Just let us know what you need, and your exact specifications that you require for daily operations and shipping. We create custom packaging and supplies specifically for businesses nationwide, and we can offer custom, corrugated packaging manufacturing of your packaging products that you need to meet your specific business requirements.

Shillington Box Co. has an in-house design team that uses production and printing machinery to custom-print logos, branding, graphics, shipping and return address information, ads, or other information onto your boxes and packaging materials.

Our design capability, printing and corrugated packaging manufacturing equipment includes:

Contact your corrugated packaging manufacturing company, Shillington Box Company, or you can reach us direct at (636)225-5353. Also, you can reach Shillington Box Company through email at: