Corrugated Packaging and Shipping Materials Is Available Direct from the Manufacturer, Shillington Box Company

Standardized and Custom, Corrugated Cardboard Packaging and Box Manufacturer

If your company is searching for a supplier of corrugated packaging, storage and shipping materials, St. Louis-based manufacturer, Shillington Box Company, has been in the business since 1906. We are a national leader in corrugated packaging manufacturing services for diverse companies and market sectors nationwide. We offer an extensive line of standardized corrugated packaging boxes, mailers, storage boxes, shipping boxes, protective envelopes, fold-overs and plastic lined packaging. We also have an extensive design library for custom packaging materials. We can customize your corrugated packaging materials for size, strength (weight and durability with several types of corrugated construction), design, logoing, branding and printing shipping addresses as well. We offer custom design services onsite at our facilities and we can also handle your custom printing requirements.

St. Louis-based Shillington Box Co. is a leading commercial corrugated packaging manufacturer, distribution warehouse and supplier of storage and shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes (with or without linerboard and plastic lining options) mailers, and general business shipping supplies. We to offer plain packaging materials and custom printing options. We fabricate an extensive assortment of standardized (single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall) corrugated packaging and shipping products onsite and we even offer packaging options for industries as diverse as the food industry, chemicals (we can even meet some Hazmat requirements), the automotive industry, and for businesses large and small nationwide.

Contact Shillington Box Co. about Your Corrugated Packaging Requirements

Whether you need corrugated packaging manufacturing for your own business or for wholesale or retail distribution and supply, we can very likely accommodate all of your requirements. We are experts in the business and products are available direct from a manufacturer, Shillington Box Co.

Contact us today about your corrugated packaging requirements or to order products direct. You can also reach Shillington Box Co. in St. Louis, at (636)225-5353, or email us with your product and packaging inquiries by email at:

Standardized or Custom Corrugated Packaging, Boxes, Shipping and Storage Supplies

As a custom box and shipping materials manufacturer, we offer business customers in-house custom design services as well as standardized inventory-stock products. We can modify standardized designs, or offer you company custom-sized corrugated packaging, plain or with your business logo, branding, shipping and return labels, graphics or other information printed directly onto your packaging and mailing supplies to help distinguish your company. We offer are range of packaging construction options including fluted cardboard construction in various weight classes/tolerances. We offer single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall corrugated cardboard construction with a range of linerboard and plastic lining options.

Some of our standardized, corrugated carton/box packaging materials include options in industry-standard categories including:

  • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)
  • Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC)
  • Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC)
  • Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL)
  • Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD)

Learn about our standardized corrugated products; and, standardized inventory-stock boxes and other products ship quickly, nationwide.

Box, Packaging and Mailer Customization and Design Services

Shillington Box Co. maintains a very large design library. Businesses opting for custom design service can rely on our in-house design staff. We can create completely new designs or reuse library designs modified for your business requirements. Just let us know you specifications and how we can assist you with your packaging and shipping needs for daily operations.

Our in-house design team uses commercial-grade production and printing machinery to design and custom-print shipping and return address information, business logos, branding elements, graphics, advertisements, or other pertinent information directly onto your boxes and other corrugated packaging materials.

Our in-house design capacity and printing capabilities for corrugated packaging materials includes:

Contact Shillington Box Co. for standardized or custom corrugated packaging materials and other shipping or storage supplies. You may reach us direct in St. Louis at (636)225-5353. If you have product availability or sales question, or inquiries about custom production and printing, feel free to email us at: