Custom-Printed and Branded Shipping Boxes and Packaging Materials Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer, Shillington Box Company

Shillington Box Company Can Produce Branded Shipping Boxes for Your Business

St. Louis-based Shillington Box Company, a leading, U.S. packaging and shipping box manufacturer, offers company’s a wide range of shipping materials and supplies with the option of commercial-grade printing for branding elements, logos, advertisements, OEM boxes, product boxes and other promotional graphics on standardized, specialty or completely custom-made cardboard boxes and shipping materials. With a large inventory stock of boxes, packaging, protective envelopes, folders, fold-overs and other supplies, we can provide distributors, suppliers and businesses direct as a wholesale packaging supplier, or as an OEM box supplier. In business since 1906, we have the designs and the experience to produce a wide range of shipping, mailing and storage boxes and packaging to meet most business operations. We offer our clients the option of completely customizing standard designs or we can help you produce completely custom boxes and designs with commercial-grade printing quality of your branding, logoing and other advertising. We can help you create distinctive, custom cardboard packaging that will effectively communicate you messaging and branding to customers.

Corporations, any major product shippers, product fulfilment centers, retail chain stores, or even small businesses can work direct with Shillington Box Co.’s in-house design team to create branded shipping boxes and/or branded product boxes and even point-of-purchase displays (P.O.P.s) for general promotion or to support an ad campaign. Your business may contact Shillington Box Co. for inventory stock purchases or for help with designing and manufacturing custom boxes and packaging designs service. You may want to review our standardized inventory stock products available from the Shillington Box Co. online store for ideas about the types of boxes or packaging that we can utilize for branding your shipments. Business customers may reach us at (636)225-5353. You may e-mail us about products or design service and manufacturing services at:

Commercial-Grade Design and Printing for Branded Shipping Boxes and Packaging

CShillington Box Co. offers businesses small and large the options of purchasing inventory stock shipping boxes and packaging or we can utilize your branding, images, ads and logoing to customize standardized box designs, or we can assist you with creating production runs of completely custom, branded shipping boxes and packaging that meets your company’s specific requirements. We can also manufacture and produce commercial-grade cardboard display designs, promotional boxes and packaging, signage, and even in-store retail promotional displays. Whether you require promotional display materials, printed and branded boxes, cartons, folders, fold-overs, protective envelopes, other types of mailers, shipping, bulk packaging or retail boxes, we can produce easily identifiable and noticeable materials for your business. Just let our design team know what kind of branded materials that your company needs, and we can producing commercial-quality printed and branded shipping boxes and packaging to meet your requirements.

Shillington Box Co. provides business customers with commercial-grade printing services for commercial-grade imaging reproduction for branded shipping boxes and mailing materials. Our general design services include:

  • In-house, professional design capabilities to produce commercial-grade, branded shipping boxes and packaging
  • Professional design services including original graphics design or use of your company’s imaging
  • Commercial-grade graphics reproduction ads, branding, logoing, or promotions
  • Access to more than 5,000 archived and standardized box and packaging designs, all of which are modifiable to meet your branding requirements
  • Access to more than 18,000 archived, custom designs, all of which are modifiable to meet your company’s specific branding requirements
  • OEM shipping box and packaging design services
  • OEM corrugated packaging design service
  • Custom cardboard packaging and box design services
  • Custom box templates design service
  • Product display design services including Point-of-Purchase (P.O.P) cardboard displays
  • Bulk product shipping box design service
  • Shipping box design service
  • Printed shipping box design service
  • Design services for full-color product packaging
  • Commercial-grade bulk packaging printing (and for general shipping or storage boxes)
  • Commercial-grade, UV-printing capabilities
  • Full-color printing of your branded shipping boxes
  • High-resolution image reproduction and printing
  • Commercial-grade printing on cardboard, vinyl, adhesive vinyl banners, canvas and other roll-fed substrates
  • Commercial-grade printing of rigid materials such as linerboard materials, plastics and PVC
  • Commercial-grade graphics imprinting
  • Additional commercial-grade packaging and graphics design services as requested in order to implement logoing and branding

Contact Shillington Box Co. for Branded Shipping Boxes

Regardless of your custom manufacturing or graphics design requirements for branded shipping boxes, cartons, corrugated boxes, folders, protective envelopes or other mailing and shipping materials, Shillington Box Co.’s in-house design team can help you translate your branding elements, ads, logos and other business or product imaging into professional quality products that meet commercial-grade printing, UV-printing or imprinting standards. With our printer capabilities, we can work with a wide range of roll-fed substrates and other materials used in producing shipping and storage boxes or other types of packaging. Be sure to take advantage of our professional design team’s abilities and production capabilities to ensure that your branded shipping boxes meet your company’s requirements and your own standards.

Businesses may contact Shillington Box Co. for help creating professional cardboard shipping boxes or other packaging. We can help with designs, image reproduction, commercial-grade printing or imprinting of your customized and branded shipping boxes and other materials. Businesses may call us at (636)225-5353. You may e-mail us about your production specifications and manufacturing or printing request(s) at: