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If you are looking for cardboard packaging manufacturers or suppliers, Shillington Box Company of St. Louis supplies companies nationwide. In business for nearly a hundred years, we have decades of design experience and production capabilities for a wide range of standardized packaging, boxes and mailers of all sizes. As a manufacturer and direct supplier, we also offer our clients custom design services and distribution-warehousing services that include “just-in-time” shipping options for your general packaging, mailing and storage supplies. Whether you need one-piece mailers, corrugated boxes, linerboard options, cardboard packaging or other products, we can meet your requirements.

Additionally, we are a company committed to sustainable manufacturing with the goal of manufacturing 100% recyclable products. In cooperation with our local utility and the Missouri’s conservation department, we buy wind credit offsets and offer grants for purchasing land for reforestation purposes. Our company is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing methodologies (learn more about our Cycle Green™ program).

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Full-Service Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier

Shillington Box Co. is your full-service cardboard packaging manufacturer with the machinery and production capacity to fabricate a wide range of products that can include custom imprinting of company names, branding elements, return addresses or other shipping information. We have a design library of over 5,000+ standardized designs for cardboard boxes, packaging and mailers, 18,000+ customized designs. We can offer businesses full-service design capacity utilizing high performance printers.

Currently, we offer design services for packaging and for graphics imprinting, or we can use your company’s graphics for your standard or customized packaging and mailing products. We use high-performance, packaging production machinery including:

  • A Jumbo 66” x 130” Flexo Folder/Gluer—this product features high-speed, computer-controlled performance along with inline die-cutting and the capacity for precision graphics imprinting, even for large boxes or packaging
  • A Hycorr 3 Color Rotary Diecutter—this machinery features a 66” x 115” production capacity with jogger-assisted stripping; additionally, this product utilizes a multi-out stacker for brilliant graphics reproduction
  • A state-of-the-art Isowa Falcon—this machinery offers high-speed performance with full 4-color precision printing
  • HP Designjet H35500 Printer—this UV printer provides imprinting capabilities for a variety of flexible roll-fed materials including adhesive vinyl, banner vinyl, canvas, paper stock, and even rigid materials such as corrugated cardboard, plastic or even PVC
  • Learn more about custom design services

Standardized Packaging Options and Customization Services

Shillington Box Co. offers customers standardized boxes, packaging and mailers that are easily customizable by imprinting your company’s information, graphics or branding elements. We offer a wide range of standardized packaging, boxes and shipping materials that you will find from cardboard packaging manufacturers. These products include industry-standard designs such as Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC), Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC), Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL) or Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD). A couple of standard mailer designs include One Piece Folders (OPF) and Five Panel Folders (FPF).

Additional customization options include, but are not limited to, a choice of materials. We meet the requirements of diverse business customers that require customization options for shipping and storage products.

A few of your available options from Shillington Box Co. are:

  • Corrugated cardboard for boxes, mailers or other packaging
  • Single-wall cardboard designs
  • Double-wall cardboard designs
  • Triple-wall cardboard designs
  • Packaging linerboard options
  • Plastic-lined cardboard or corrugated cardboard designs
  • Standard mailing envelopes, fold-over styles and one-piece mailers
  • Custom boxes, envelopes, mailers or other packaging designs
  • Custom printing of branding elements, graphics and logos
  • Custom-imprinting services for boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, envelopes, fold-over mailers, one-piece mailers, or other packaging styles

When you review services from cardboard packaging manufactures to meet your company’s shipping needs, be sure to choose a company that can offer you a wide range of manufacturing, customization and printing services to meet specific business needs.

Contact Shillington Box Co.—we are your full-service packaging manufacturer and supplier for standard products and customize packaging. You can call us at 636-225-5353 or send us an email at with your product or service questions.