Corrugated Paper Boxes and Business Shipping Supplies

Durable, Bulk Business Shipping Supplies

Get all of the corrugated paper boxes, mailers, and durable, bulk business shipping supplies that your company needs. With an experienced production partner (Shillington Box has over a century of operating experience) for your businesstobusiness (B2B) and businesstoconsumer (B2C) shipping needs, you are guaranteed reliable, durable products to protect your inventories, products, goods, documents, and retail sales items.

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Wholesale, B2B Mailing Supplies, Standard and Custom Pieces

Shillington box also works with companies to satisfy unique business shipping requirements. We provide a wide variety of standard mailing products and produce custom corrugated paper boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, mailers and other items that meet specific mailing requirements and branding or logo requirements as well. With Shillington Box, you have an experienced partner in the production of all of your company’s mailing and shipping boxes, padded envelopes, onepiece mailers, durable cardboard containers and other items needed for every day usage. Shillington Box is flexible in providing B2B clients with standard or customized boxes and mailers to suite almost any mailing, shipping or storage requirement.

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Environmentally Sustainable Product Packaging

Shillington Box is committed to providing durable, effective merchandise and product shipping packing solutions. Our CycleGreen™ products, including corrugated paper boxes and mailers, are produced with ecofriendly production methodologies and strategic partnerships. Shillington Box produces recyclable mailing and ecofriendly shipping packaging that are durable.

Additionally, with our strategic partnerships for sustainable manufacturing, Shillington Box CycleGreen™ packaging uses:

  • Clean production and manufacturing
  • 100% recyclable paperboard
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled fiberboard materials

Shillington Box participates in partnership for reforestation programs with the Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry Division and the Conservation Heritage Foundation to guarantee a carbon neutral footprint. Shillington Box also purchases Missouri Wind Energy credits through Ameren UE’s voluntary, energy offset program.

Find Out about Sustainable Corrugated Paper Boxes and Production

Our customers can rely on Shillington Box to provide them with durable, reliable, sturdy packaging materials with a commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

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