Corrugated Plastic Boxes and Shipping Supplies

B2B Wholesale Shipping Supplies

Get the corrugated plastic boxes and other shipping supplies that your company requires direct from Shillington Box Company, a businesstobusiness, wholesale shipping materials supplier. We are a wholesale B2B corrugated shipping boxes supplier with an extensive inventory of shipping boxes, mailers and other supplies that businesses need for everyday operations. Order your bulk mailing supplies direct from Shillington. We can supply you with small amounts of shipping and packaging materials, fill monthly orders, or fill your annual inventory requirements.

Get Corrugated Plastic Boxes Direct from Shillington Box

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Wholesale, Corrugated Boxes for Shipping or Storage

Shillington Box provides a variety of corrugated cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic boxes for shipping or storage. Get the wholesale, bulk supplies that you need for standard shipping or for shipping cans and jugs rated for hazardous materials (including paint, varnishes and other items).

Some of the wholesale shipping materials include:

  • Corrugated plastic boxes for shipping/mailing
  • Bulk hazardous materials boxes and supplies
  • Foam hazardous materials shipping kits
  • Hazardous materials bulk plastic locking rings
  • Hazardous materials shipping boxes, cans (paint cans – quart and gallon, Ftype cans) and plastic jugs
  • Hazardous materials bulk foam inserts (various styles)
  • Edge protectors (cased, skid lots) and plastic strap guards
  • Poly bags and plastic insert shipping materials for corrugated boxes
  • Bin boxes and corrugated plastic boxes (storage containers)

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Designing Your Company’s Shipping Materials

Shillington Box supplies bulk shipping boxes, onepieces, mailers, corrugated cardboard boxes, envelopes, media mailers and many other styles of durable shipping materials. We can supply the products you need to ship to other companies or for retail. We can supply the shipping materials that you need in bulk orders, with or without your company’s logo or branding elements.

Our talented design team can take your graphics, or create eyecatching designs for your shipping materials to individual customers or for retail sectors. Learn about Shillington Box’s design capabilities; we have the equipment, talent, and capabilities that businesses need for designing appropriate shipping materials.

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