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Get all of the corrugated shipping containers, boxes, packaging, mailers, foldouts, and other packing and mailing supplies that your company needs for daily operations for wholesale, business shipping and retail sales. Shillington Box Company is a leading manufacturer of durable mailing supplies that companies need for shipping products, equipment, supplies and other items for B2B usage, or for direct B2C retail mailing.

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Committed to Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Shillington Box’s corrugated shipping containers, mailers, foldouts, packaging materials, inserts and boxes are manufactured in accordance with our CycleGreen™ production techniques and methodology. Shillington Box’s CycleGreen™ sustainable production of shipping containers, boxes, mailers and other packaging is offset with:

  • Best practices to produce 100% recyclable, sustainable paperboard made of 100% recycled fiberboard
  • Electricity usage for a carbon neutral footprint using Missouri Wind Credits from Ameren UE’s Pure Power program
  • Partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry Division and Conservation Heritage Foundation providing a grant to purchase and reforest land in the state
  • Learn more about ecofriendly shipping supplies

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HeavyDuty Corrugated Shipping Containers and Boxes

Shillington Box produces heavyduty, corrugated shipping boxes, containers, mailers and other business shipping products that can withstand your shipping requirements and product weights. We offer corrugated boxes, shipping containers, packaging, and mailers in a variety of styles including:

  • Single wall corrugated boxes/containers with shipping weight ranges from 20 lbs. to 120 lbs. with burst tests ranging from 125 lbs. per sq. in. to 350 lbs. per sq. in.
  • Double wall corrugated shipping boxes/containers with shipping weight ranges from 80 lbs. to 180 lbs. with burst tests ranging from 200 lbs. per sq. in. to 600 lbs. per sq. in.
  • Triple wall construction for corrugated containers/boxes with shipping weights ranging from 240 lbs. to 300 lbs. with burst tests ranging from 700 lbs. per sq. in. to 1300 lbs. per sq. in.

These materials come in a variety of styles including Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), Multiple Depth Cartons (MDC), Half Slotted Cartons (HSC), Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL), FivePanel Folders (FPF), Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD), and OnePiece Folders (OPF).

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