Shillington Box Company Produces Custom Box Templates for Packaging, Shipping and Storage

Cardboard Box Manufacturer’s Design Team Produces OEM, Specialty, Display and Custom Box Templates

Shillington Box Company in St. Louis, has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of OEM corrugated packaging and wholesale packaging supplier with a professional in-house design team. We can meet your company’s OEM, specialty, product display, or completely custom box templates requirements with our professional product, storage and shipping box design service. You may review any of standardized products at the Shillington Box Co. online store.

Corporations, major shippers, product fulfilment centers, and large and small businesses may contact Shillington Box Co. to purchase any of our inventory stock or to request help created custom box templates or designs for other product display, shipping or storage products. Businesses may call us direct at 636-225-5353, or e-mail service and product questions, or request custom design services including manufacturing services utilizing completely unique custom box templates for your products. Email us at:

Custom Box Templates and Help from Shillington’s In-House Design Team

Shillington Box Co. can offer corporations, large and mid-sized companies and individual small businesses cardboard box design services to meet your current specific needs for bulk product shipping boxes, general mailing boxes, cartons, folders, fold-overs, protective envelopes, mailers and other items, or produce designs for point-of-purchase displays (P.O.P.s), or produce graphics that easily identify your products, brand or utilize ads and logos to effectively represent your business.

Our professional in-house design team has access to an extensive design library of more than 5,000 designs for standardized products and more than 18,000 custom box templates and other shipping or storage templates. We can also take your specific requirements, modify existing designs, or create completely unique custom box templates that meet your company’s current requirements. Just let us know how we can directly assist you with the design process and also manufacturer your custom boxes—we are a major box manufacturer and custom box company.

In-House, Commercial-Grade Design, Printing and Production Capabilities

Shillington Box Co. offers our business customers the option professional in-house design services including creating custom box templates to meet your specific requirements. Besides assisting with customized designs or modifying existing designs, we can assist your company with custom cardboard box printing services.

We can utilize your company’s existing graphics designs and graphics files as needed including added logos, branding elements, promotional ads, product branding or pictures or other imaging to help identifying your business and/or products with custom box templates. Of course, we can also print your shipping and return address information directly onto packaging materials and cardboard boxes. Just let us know what kind of help your business requires.

Shillington Box Co. offers businesses the option of modifying designs or utilizing custom box templates for your custom box production run(s). Our services include:

  • In-house, professional design capabilities
  • Professional quality design services including original graphics and box design service
  • Commercial quality graphics reproduction of client imaging
  • More than 5,000 standardized designs for cardboard boxes, packaging materials, shipping materials, cartons, folders, protective envelopes, fold-overs, mailers, and other items
  • More than 18,000 archived, completely custom designs modifiable for your company’s specific business specifications
  • OEM box/packaging design service
  • Product display box/P.O.P. and/or bulk custom box template design services
  • “Green” packaging design including recyclable materials

Commercial-Grade Production and Printing for Custom Box Templates

Our in-house design team uses a variety of commercial-grade printing machinery to produce vibrant full-color graphics on your single-, double-, or triple-wall corrugated, custom boxes. Templates can take advantage of our standardized commercial-grade printing, commercial-grade imprinting or UV-printing capabilities. We can print on a variety of materials and lining materials as well including cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper, adhesive vinyl, banner vinyl, canvas, and various roll-fed materials including rigid materials, plastics and PVC frequently used in linerboards.

Our range of commercial-grade printing services includes commercial-grade printers:

  • Jumbo 66” x 130” Flexo Folder and Gluer – fully computer-controlled, high-speed graphics reproduction, precision graphics imprinting, and large box printing capacity
  • Hycorr 3 Color Rotary Diecutter – a rotary diecutter accommodating up to a 66” x 115” maximum box size with jogger-assisted stripping, this diecutter also offers a multi-out stacker; this printer reproduces vibrant graphics on large format boxes and other materials; we use this printer for P.O.P. displays and similar promotional materials
  • Isowa Falcon – a state-of-the-art printer offers true 4-color graphics reproduction capabilities; this is also a high-speed printer ideal for reproducing client graphics
  • Learn about our commercial-grade printers

Or, we can produce commercial-grade prints utilizing our UV-printer:

  • HP Designjet H35500 6 Color UV Printer – full 1800 dpi printing on diverse materials including imprinting capacity for flexible materials, and various roll-fed materials
  • Learn about our UV-printing capability

Contact Shillington Box Co. direct about creating custom box templates for your company and manufacturing your boxes. Businesses may call us in St. Louis at (636)225-5353. You may e-mail your product or custom design service inquiries to: