Custom Cardboard Boxes – Bulk Shipping Supplies for Business

Custom Shipping Boxes and Mailers for Business

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Shillington Box Company is the business partner that you can rely upon for all of your standard and custom cardboard boxes, shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard mailers, envelops and other items. Our durable, environmentallyfriendly production methodology and recyclable boxes and mailers are ideal for companies that mail products for wholesale or businesstobusiness (B2B), or that sell direct to the public (B2C) nationwide, or worldwide.

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Custom Design for Business

Shillington Box custom designs boxes, mailers, onepieces, padded envelopes, corrugated mailing boxes and other shipping boxes and containers. We provide a variety of standard sizes, all of which are extremely durable, but we also have a talented inhouse design team that can create unique, custom cardboard boxes and mailers for you company.

Many companies need shipping materials designed for specific product shipment, other companies want white boxes, logos, branding elements or specifically designed shipping boxes and mailers that “stand out” and are easily recognized. These custom designs are for protecting specific products during shipment, or are essentially advertisements for products, services or the company.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes, Custom Design Center

Shillington Box maintains a new, stateoftheart design center at our facilities in St. Louis, MO. Our talented design team uses advanced design software and machinery to create branded shipping boxes and mailers, corrugated cardboard boxes, onepiece mailers, audio/video mailers, “white boxes” and shipping envelopes and other shipping products to protect your products whether you are shipping from company locations, to other business, or direct to retail customers.

We use a variety of design techniques including:

  • CAD/CAM design system
  • Highend UV printers
  • Capability to print directly on cardboard, papers, corrugated paper, substrates, foam, plastics and vinyl
  • Capability to take your company’s branding, logos, design elements, and implement them into shipping product engineering and manufacturing
  • Design print samples available
  • Capacity for custom cardboard boxes, mailers, corrugated paper, mailers and other shipping products that meet or exceed UN, Hazmat and ISTA guidelines and requirements
  • Bulk manufacturing and production for larger companies, annual inventory purchases, etc.
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