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Standardized and Customized, Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer

If your business is in need of a standardized, OEM or custom cardboard packaging, box and shipping materials supplier, then St. Louis-based manufacturer, Shillington Box Company, in the business since 1906, is the company you can rely on for a diverse range of storage and shipping materials to meet your specific operations requirements. Shillington Box Co. has been a national box and packaging manufacturer for a century and we offer OEM, standard, specialty and custom corrugated packaging manufacturing services for companies large and small nationwide.

St. Louis-based Shillington Box Co. is a national leader in manufacturing commercial-grade standard and custom cardboard packaging materials. As the manufacturer, we also offer distribution warehousing and supplies of storage and shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes (with or without linerboards) mailers, protective envelopes, fold-overs, and general business shipping supplies. We to offer a variety of options to our clients from plain packaging materials to fully customized and custom-printed cardboard packaging.

Contact Shillington Box Co. today for custom cardboard packaging, or to order any of our inventory stock products direct. You may reach Shillington Box Co. in St. Louis, at (636) 225-5353. You may reach us by email with product or production inquiries at:

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Shillington Box Co. offers an extensive line of standardized and customized, cardboard packaging boxes, protective mailers, corrugated storage and shipping boxes, fold-overs and plastic-lined packaging materials. We also offer companies in-house, professional design services and access to our extensive library of custom packaging materials designs built over the decades. We can customize cardboard and/or corrugated packaging materials for general size, shape, strength, weight tolerances, and durability based on single-wall, double-wall, triple-wall, and fluted, starched corrugation. We also offer companies design customization services including general design, printing branding elements, logoing, shipping and return addresses, and also advertisements to make your products easily identifiable for your customer base.

Whether your business requires corrugated packaging manufacturing service and custom products, or just plain, standardized or OEM boxes and packaging products for your business, we can most likely accommodate any of your product requirements. At Shillington Box Co., we are experts in the packaging manufacturer business.

Standardized or Custom Corrugated Packaging

As your standardized and custom cardboard box, packaging, and shipping materials manufacturer and supplier, Shillington Box Co. offers businesses in-house custom design services and standard inventory-stock products. We can modify any of our standard designs, or assist your business with designing, custom-sized and/or printed corrugated packaging to help distinguish your company and meet your shipping materials needs. We offer a range of packaging construction options that include standardized, fluted and starched corrugation for cardboard box and packaging construction meeting a wide range of weight classes and tolerances. We offer our business clients packaging and cardboard boxes with single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall construction, and we have an assortment of linerboard and plastic lining options.

Our industry-standard, corrugated cartons, boxes and packaging materials include the following categories:

Learn about our standard corrugated cardboard packaging—standard inventory-stock boxes and other shipping supplies ship quickly.

Box, Protective Envelopes, Mailers, Fold-Overs and Custom, Cardboard Packaging Design Services

Shillington Box Co. maintains an extensive design library for all sorts and sizes of standard, specialty and customer cardboard packaging and boxes. Our business clients can rely on our in-house design staff to accommodate your needs for custom packaging or commercial-grade custom printing services. We can alter designs in our library or create completely new packaging designs to meet your company’s requirements. Just let us know your specifications and how we can help.

Our design team utilizes commercial-grade production and printing machinery to custom-print your designs, shipping and return address information, logo(s), branding, ad graphics, or other pertinent information onto your custom cardboard packaging and boxes.

Our commercial quality design capabilities and printing capacity for custom cardboard packaging and shipping materials includes:

Additionally, Shillington Box Co. is committed to sustainable production methods. By using our Cycle Green™ sustainable manufacturing processes and energy off-sets, our manufacturing processes result in “green” packaging design for our clients and their customers. We are committed to achieving a goal of a 100% carbon neutral manufacturing practice and achieving 100% sustainable paperboard comprised of100% recycled fibers and materials content.

Contact Shillington Box Co. for all of your standardized or custom cardboard packaging materials and supplies. You may call us direct in St. Louis at (636)225-5353. You may reach us by email at: