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Shillington Box, with over 100 years of experience, is the company you can rely on for custom corrugated boxes, onepiece mailers, twopiece corrugated boxes, and other durable, sturdy mailing and shipping boxes that fit your company’s products and mailing requirements. Shillington Box has standard corrugated cardboard boxes, onepiece mailers, folded corrugated shipping products, inserts and other highly durable, reliable products for shipping your products to B2B clients or direct to your customers (B2C). Shillington Box also provides design services for bulk order supplies.

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Standard Sizes, Custom Sizes – Get the Shipping Materials that Fit Your Products

Whether your company needs standard sizes, custommanufactured shipping boxes and mailers, “white boxes” or other corrugated shipping products for small or large items (e.g. video/DVD mailers, audio media mailers, or larger shipping boxes and padded envelopes), your company can rely on ecofriendly production methodologies and energy credit offsets in our production. Our design team can produce logos, branding elements and preprinted mailing address, or we can take you current, custom corrugated boxes and designs to produce bulk supplies or annual orders for your business. Learn more about Shillington Box Company’s design team and capabilities.

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Standard and Custom Boxes/Mailers

Shillington Box manufactures custom corrugated boxes and standard sizes mailers. Products are available as plain shipping materials, or with logos, addresses and other preprinted information. Some of our shipping boxes and mailers include:

  • Custom corrugated boxes per your company’s specifications
  • Standard size onepiece and twopiece corrugated boxes
  • Other standard styles can be custommanufactured to your specifications; these standard styles include:
    • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSCs)
    • MultipleDepth Cartons (MDCs)
    • HalfSlotted Cartons (HSCs)
    • Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL)
    • FivePanel Folder (FPF)
    • Full Telescope Design Carton (FTD)
    • OnePiece Folder (OPF)
  • Other standard corrugated boxes and mailers include padded envelopes, audio/visual and media products (corrugated mailers), corrugated tubing, corrugated long square boxes, corrugated bookfolds, etc.

Shillington Box Is Committed to Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

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