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Ecologically Friendly Packaging Materials

Get all of the eco friendly packaging materials, shipping supplies, cardboard and corrugated product packaging and other items direct from St. Louis manufacturer Shillington Box Company. Shillington Box is committed to using environmentally sustainable and recycled materials in creating mailing boxes, tubes, cartons, product boxes, shipping insulation materials, and other products shipping companies, retailers and other business need for daily operations.

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CycleGreen™ Responsible Packaging Solutions

Shippers, retailers, and their customers across the US are challenging companies to be more environmentally responsible with product boxes, shipping and mailing materials. Shillington Box is committed to creating environmentally friendly products, and we introduced CycleGreen™ products and shipment materials as an eco friendly packaging alternative solution to standard cardboard, whiteboard and shipping box materials. By eliminating unnecessary packaging, manufacturing reusable packaging, and improving the packaging recyclability, Shillington Box eco friendly product to shippers and retailers. Environmentally sustainable product just makes sense. Get the product you know is eco friendly and recyclable.

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Eco Friendly Packaging – Best Practices

Shillington box manufactures product boxes and shipping materials for daily business operations and sales and shipping. With our CycleGreen™ philosophy towards sustainable packaging manufacturing, Shillington Box now uses clean production technologies to manufacture standard and custom packaging and shipping materials to create 100% sustainable paperboard. We also use up to 100% recycled fiber materials in production of these items.

Our commitment to eco friendly production and manufacturing is recognized regionally. This recognition includes:

Electrical usage in production is offset 100% with Missouri Wind Energy credits (voluntary participation in “Pure Power” Ameren Union Electric’s renewable, green energy use program)
To guarantee that CycleGreen™ production has a 100% carbon neutral footprint, Shillington Box provides a reforestation grant in association with the Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry and the Conservation Heritage Foundation

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Get a competitive advantage with our durable packaging and shipping products. “Go green” with wholesale, recycledmaterial use products for all of your shipping, wholesale and/or retail sales. Daily operations in most companies use a lot of materials in shipping and packaging. Get the product packing and mailing materials you can rely on to be eco friendly – Visit the Shillington Box Online Store.

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