Shillington Box Company is a Leading, National OEM Box Supplier

St. Louis-Based Manufacturer and OEM Box Supplier

Since 1906, St. Louis-based manufacturer, Shillington Box Company, has produced a wide range of packaging materials, cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, mailing supplies, fold-overs, protective envelopes and other products. We are a major OEM box supplier and custom packaging manufacturer. We offer a wide range services related to corrugated packaging manufacturing.

As a primary manufacturer, we offer an extensive line of standardized, OEM corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging materials, industry-standard products and custom-made storage and shipping supplies. Our products are well-designed, sturdy and durable for many types of usage.

At Shillington Box Co., we offer OEM and custom design services in order to meet your company’s needs for distinctive packaging and shipping products, corrugated packaging, or even cardboard displays. We can also print/imprint shipping and return addresses, content labeling or assist with OEM boxes for specific products.

You may contact Shillington Box Co. about standardized and inventory-stock purchase or about custom manufacturing to meet all of your needs for OEM corrugated boxes and packaging materials. You may call us in St. Louis at (636) 225-5353—we do ship products nationwide; inventory-stock items ship quickly. If you have questions about our standardize products or our custom manufacturing and design services, e-mail us at:

Standardized, OEM Corrugated Box and Packaging Construction

As a major OEM box supplier for companies large and small nationwide, Shillington Box Co. offers a wide range of industry-standard corrugated cardboard boxes (cartons), folders (folder-overs and multi-panel folders), protective envelopes, linerboard options, and various weight capacities and tolerances. We provide businesses with options including packaging fabricated utilizing multiple-ply kraft paper for corrugated products. We can further customize sheets, layering and designs to accommodate specific weight capacities and durability, while inventory stock items are industry-standard classes.

Standardized sheets are used in our corrugated cardboard box and packaging construction. You always have the option of standard or customized boxes and packaging materials including:

  • Standardized plies or sheets range from 9” to 140”
  • Custom-sized plies/sheets available for custom production runs (some limitations apply)
  • Single-wall construction
  • Double-wall construction
  • Triple-wall construction
  • Paper grades ranging from standard 23# medium to 69# liners
  • Complete coverage of all performance specifications for industry-standard certification

Our standardized inventory-stock cardboard boxes and similarly constructed packaging offers:

  • Standard cardboard linerboard which is “fluted” or “arched” style of paper
  • Starch-based adhesives are applied to the standard linerboard material offering considerable resistance to bending pressure (applicable to all directions)
  • Vertical column corrugation manufacturing services is available and this style offers strength for boxes or packaging for vertical storage and/or stacking
  • Our “fluted” corrugation is available in five standardized heights and shapes
  • Each “fluted” corrugation style offers specific performance attributes relative to stacking, overall weight capacity, general strength (particularly for wall protection), overall resistance to punctures
  • Specific styles offer better materials substrate for graphics reproduction

Additional linerboard options are available from Shillington Box Company for OEM, specialty and custom fabrication/production runs. As your OEM box supplier, we can offer linerboard options including:

  • Standard, starch-based linerboard
  • Plastic-lined cardboard
  • Plastic-lined corrugated cardboard
  • Linerboard options meeting some Hazmat requirements

Look for the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp from Your OEM Box Supplier

As a leading, national OEM box supplier to other distributors, suppliers, corporations, and companies large and small, Shillington Box Co. adheres to industry-standard designs for our inventory stock. You may request design variants or custom-manufactured OEM boxes, packaging, mailers, fold-overs, protective envelopes or other products. Our boxes and other packaging have a Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp. This stamp lists the Mullen Bursting Test (note: the most common is 200 lbs. per square inch) and the Edge Crush Test (Maximum Weight of Box/Contents in lbs.; the Minimum Burst Test Single/Double Wall in lbs. per sq. in.; and Minimum Edge Crush Test or ECT, listed in lbs. per in. per width, which measures the linerboard stacking strength). Learn more about your OEM corrugated packaging options.

Our standardized and OEM box styles including corrugated packaging are covered by seven main categories:

  • Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)
  • Half-Slotted Cartons (HSC)
  • Multiple-Depth Cartons (MDC)
  • Full Overlap Slotted Cartons (FOL)
  • Full Telescope Design Cartons (FTD)
  • Five Panel Folder (FPF)
  • One Piece Folder (OPF)

Learn about our standardized boxes and packaging products and more information regarding the strength for each class is available on our main products page of the website. Variations of these basic cartons and folders are available, or request custom OEM boxes from your supplier, Shillington Box Co.

Customize OEM Boxes from Your Supplier!

As your OEM box supplier, we can accommodated most custom printing requirements, and our customers also have access to our extensive library of 5,000+ standardized modifiable designs and 18,000+ individual, modifiable custom designs. Just let our design team know how we can assist you with creating distinctive, easily identifiable OEM box supplies.

Additionally, we can offer a wide range of custom manufacturing, and general customization to meet business requirements for branding, logoing, advertisements, and graphics design. Our in-house design team can assist businesses with professional design services and capabilities; and, our manufacturing can handle commercial-grade printing, commercial-grade UV-printing, vinyl/banner printing, imprinting and die-cutting of printed boxes, packaging and mailing materials.

Contact Shillington Box Co., your OEM box supplier and manufacturer for shipping or and storage materials. You may call us at (636) 225-5353. If you have questions about inventory stock boxes or suppliers, or about or custom production services for OEM packaging materials, or other services, please e-mail us at: