OEM Corrugated Packaging Is Available Direct from the Manufacturer

Shillington Box Company Is a Leading, U.S. OEM Corrugated Packaging and Box Manufacturer

St. Louis-based manufacturer, Shillington Box Company, in business since 1906, is a leading, national supplier of OEM corrugated packaging, cardboard boxes, mailing supplies, storage boxes and supplies for daily business operations. We offer standardized and custom corrugated packaging manufacturing services for diverse companies with many different daily business requirements for storage, shipping and supplies.

As a primary manufacturer, we offer an extensive line of standardized, OEM corrugated packaging materials including industry-standard products and custom supplies that are quite sturdy and durable. Also, we can customize your OEM corrugated packaging materials for a variety of needs including functional requirements such as standard or custom sizing, various strengths and weight capacities, and differing types of corrugated construction, various linerboard options including starch-based lining, fluted construction, plastic linings or even to meet certain Hazmat storage and shipping requirements for chemicals and related products. Also, we fabricate an extensive assortment box designs meeting various weight and durability requirements—we manufacture single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall, OEM corrugated packaging and shipping products.

At Shillington Box Co., we offer custom design services to meet your company’s needs for logoing, branding, shipping and return addresses, advertising, or even for content labeling. We offer in-house, custom design services at our large facility in St. Louis, and with commercial-grade printing machinery, we can accommodated most custom printing requirements.

You may contact Shillington Box Co. about standardized and inventory-stock purchase or about custom manufacturing to meet all of your needs for OEM corrugated boxes and packaging materials. You may call us in St. Louis at (636)225-5353—we do ship products nationwide; inventory-stock items ship quickly. If you have questions about our standardize products or our custom manufacturing and design services, e-mail us at: info@shillingtonbox.com.

Standardized, OEM Corrugated Packaging and Box Construction

Your OEM corrugated packaging involves a manufacturing process that combining multiple plies of kraft paper. This are custom-sized sheets that are further processed into a finalized, finished packaging material. Our standardized materials fabrication produces a range from 9 inches to 140 inches. These sheets are used in corrugated construction of either single-wall or double-wall construction, depending upon our customer’s requirements and/or specifications. We maintain an active inventory range of paper grades from standard 23# medium to 69# liners. This allows complete coverage of all industry-standard, certified box performance specifications.

Additionally, linerboard is a “fluted” or “arched” style of paper. We utilize a starch-based adhesive that is quite resistant to bending pressure from all directions. We can create vertical columns that are ideal for stacking and/or storage. Flutes come in five standardized heights and shapes each with specific performance attributes for stacking, weight, strengths (wall protection), resistance to punctures and specific styles are ideal for graphics reproduction. Just let us know what your intended usage is, and we can assist you with choosing the best style of construction for your business requirements.

Our standardized box styles and standardized OEM corrugated packaging includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Standardized, OEM Corrugated Packaging Strength

The following types of construction meet standardized linerboard performance standards and are industry-standard rates for OEM corrugated packaging. Our boxes and packaging have a Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp listing the Mullen Bursting Test (the most common is 200 lbs. per square inch) and/or the Edge Crush Test [Maximum Weight of Box/Contents in lbs.; Minimum Burst Test Single/Double Wall in lbs. per sq. in.; and Minimum Edge Crush Test (ECT) listed in lbs. per in. width which measures linerboard stacking strength].

You may choose standardized packaging construction including:

  • Single-wall corrugated cardboard; examples include: [20; 125; 23], [35; 150; 26], [50; 175; 29], [65; 200; 32], [80; 250; 40], [95; 275; 44], [120; 350; 55]
  • Double-wall corrugated cardboard; examples include: [80; 200; 42], [100; 275; 48], [120; 350; 51], [140; 400; 61], [160; 500; 71], [180; 600; 82]
  • Triple-wall corrugated cardboard; examples include: [240; 700; 67], [260; 900; 80], [280; 1100; 90], [300; 1300; 112]
  • Plastic-lined corrugated cardboard
  • Linerboard options including cardboard with a starch-based lining and plastic linings

Additionally, we offer a wide range of productions services for OEM corrugated packaging, boxes, mailers, protective envelopes and other products. Our in-house design team can assist with any designs or we can utilize your current logoing, branding, designs or other elements. Our current capacity and commercial-grade printing capabilities for corrugated packaging materials includes:

Contact Shillington Box Co. for OEM Corrugated Packaging Supplies

Contact Shillington Box Co. today about meeting your company’s need for standardized or custom, OEM corrugated packaging materials, boxes, mailers, envelopes and other shipping or storage materials. You may call us direct or locally in St. Louis at (636) 225-5353. If you have questions about inventory stock items or custom production services, feel free to e-mail us at: info@shillingtonbox.com.