Sustainable Paper Packaging Helps Companies Be More Green

Sustainable Paper Packaging has a longer life cycle than most packaging products that are generally short cycle products. Their main function is to (help) efficiently protect, distribute and market products and to provide safe and convenient use of its content. In doing so, the packaging adds value to the product.

Today, consumers are increasingly more aware and concerned about their environment. This has prompted Sustainable Paper Packaging to be used by industries. Companies implementing these ecofriendly actions are reducing their carbon footprint, using more Environmentally Friendly Packaging, reusing more package components, etc. They often encourage suppliers, contract packagers, and distributors to do likewise.

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This is not just the vague “Green Packaging Movement” that many businesses and companies are trying to implement. It’s estimated that paper can be recycled up to 12 times, diverting an enormous amount of waste from landfills and saving large amounts of energy in logging and production. Recycled Paper Packaging processing does produce a larger amount of sludge than virgin paper production. According to Conservatree, the sludge concentrates waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or waste streams, and generally is not toxic because safer chemicals are being used in the manufacturing process.

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Benefits of Sustainable Paper Packaging and Linerboards

A popular Sustainable Paper Packaging product is 100% recycled paperboard. Here are some benefits:

  1. 14 trees are saved for each ton of paperboard converted to 100% recycled paperboard from virgin wood or fibers.
  2. Uses 50 percent less energy compared to virgin grades of paperboard.
  3. For each ton of paperboard converted to 100% recycled paperboard, an equal amount of recovered fiber is diverted from municipal landfills.
  4. Reduces water pollution by 35 percent and air pollution by 74 percent.

Companies are now reusing and recycling packaging that is more economically viable. Using minimal packaging has also been a common goal to help reduce costs. Recent years have accelerated these efforts based on social movements, consumer pressure, and regulation.

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