Shillington Box Company Introduces Cycle Green™

EcoFriendly Product Packaging

(St. Louis, MO). Product manufacturers rely on packaging to accomplish many purposes. It has to be durable to protect the product in shipping, warehousing and stocking, eyecatching to grab consumer attention on the sheIf, and it has to communicate answers to consumer questions and create a convincing sales message. Lately, consumers and retailers are demanding even more of product packaging; it must also be environmentally friendly. That’s why Shillington Box Company has introduced new Cycle Green™ responsible packaging solutions.

Retailers across the country, most notably WaIMart in its 2005 “Sustainability Initiative”, are challenging vendors to maximize the environmental sustainability of product packaging by eliminating unnecessary packaging, creating reusable packaging and improving the renewability and recyclability of packaging. Shillington’s new Cycle Green™ responsible packaging solutions help product manufacturers meet and exceed those demands.

Cycle Green™ packaging materials use clean production technologies and best environmental practices to create100% sustainable paperboard using100% recycled fiber content. In addition, the electricity used for the production of the ecofriendly product packaging is offset 100% with Missouri Wind Energy credits from Pure Power – Ameren UE’s Greene certified voluntary renewable energy program.

Shillington also participates as a partner with the Conservation Heritage Foundation and the Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry Division in a grant program established to purchase and reforest land, ensuring that its CycleGreen™ packaging products have a 100% carbon neutral footprint.

“Cycle Green™ packaging gives manufacturers the environmentally sustainable packaging they’re looking for without sacrificing the demanding technical performance required to protect and merchandise their products successfully,” says Bob Cohen, Senior Vice President of Shillington Box Company. “With Cycle Green™ manufactures have a competitive advantage by appealing to the growing environmental sensibilities of consumers and the increased awareness of “green” expectations of retaiIers.”

Shillington Box Company has provided quality shipping and packaging products since 1906. They design, manufacture and market corrugated packaging materials including sheets, shipping containers and displays, and operate a 52,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and 85,000 sq. ft. finished goods warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri. Clients come from a variety of industries including food, chemical, automotive, plastics and paper manufacturers.

Shillington Box Company is committed to eco friendly friendly packaging and shipping supplies production methodologies, and we are your B2B source for green sustainable packaging for all of your business requirements.